SIP & VOIP Services

SinglePoint Consulting, LLC has more than 35 years of telecom experience and is based in Tampa, FL. At SinglePoint Consulting, LLC, voice services comprise a multitude of options like SIP, VoIP, PRI, T1, and copper or analog services for all businesses, from single home offices to multi-location offices throughout the world.

If you want your business to stay connected and expand, it becomes necessary to have SIP enabled VOIP services. Our objective is to make your business and brand more savvy, and we will make sure we live up to your expectations. For effective and scalable communication systems, you can always rely on our experience and expertise. As one of the leading SIP & VOIP service providers, we present you with customized solutions, which makes us popular among our clients.


SIP Service

Session Internet Protocol

In addition to user authentication, redirect, and registration services, SIP Server supports traditional telephony features such as personal mobility, time-of-day routing, and call forwarding based on the geographical location of the person being called. (Find Me-Follow Me), call transfer, conferencing, etc. SIP is a flexible protocol, and it is possible to add more features and keep downward interoperability.

For any questions you may have, please reach out to any of our friendly, talented, technical staff 24/7/365.

VoIP Service

  • Voice over Internet Protocol - phone service over the Internet
  • Hardware and software enables use of Internet to transmit telephone calls by sending voice data packets using IP rather than traditional PSTN (PRI or T1)
  • VOIP service providers usually offer lower rates than traditional phone companies do

As one of the leading VOIP service provider, we are here to ensure hassle free communication that will improve your business.

PRI Service

The PRI Service is a much older technology and is quickly becoming obsolete.

  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI) has up to 23 B Channels (64k each) and 1 D Channel per circuit
  • DID – Direct Inward Dialing – rings directly to an employee phone
  • Delivered over PSTN can be used for voice and data

T1 Service

  • DS1 (Digital Signal) 24 channels of 64k each
  • Delivered over PSTN can be used for voice and data (very old technology).
  • Copper or Analog Line providers, such as Verizon, are slowly eliminating these services.
  • POTS lines; (Plain Old Telephone Service) these lines are usually delivered over the PSTN and are mostly used for fax lines, elevator lines, and alarm lines. This antiquated technology is rarely used with a few exceptions mandated by law, such as fire, elevator alarms, etc.

Why Choose Us?

All our hosted VOIP phone systems come with a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor plus 24/7/365 on-site service and support.