SIP & VOIP Services

SinglePoint Consulting, LLC has more than 21 years of telecom experience and is based in Tampa. At SinglePoint Consulting, LLC voice services comprise a multitude of options like SIP, VoIP, PRI, T1, and copper or analog services for all businesses from home, offices to multi-location offices.


SIP Service

Session Internet Protocol
In addition to user authentication, redirect and registration services, SIP Server supports traditional telephony features such as personal mobility, time-of-day routing and call forwarding based on the geographical location of the person being called. (Find Me-Follow Me), call transfer, conferencing, etc. SIP is a flexible protocol, it is possible to add more features and keep downward interoperability.

VoIP Service

  • Voice over Internet Protocol - phone service over the Internet
  • Hardware and software enables use of Internet to transmit telephone calls by sending voice data packets using IP rather than traditional PSTN (PRI or T1)
  • VOIP service providers usually offer lower rates than traditional phone companies do

PRI Service

  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI) has up to 23 B Channels (64k each) and 1 D Channel per circuit
  • DID – Direct Inward Dialing – rings directly to an employee phone
  • Delivered over PSTN can be used for voice and data

T1 Service

  • DS1 (Digital Signal) 24 channels of 64k each
  • Delivered over PSTN can be used for voice and data

Copper or Analog Lines

POTS lines; (Plain Old Telephone Service) these lines are usually delivered over the PSTN and mostly used for fax lines, elevator lines and alarm lines