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Customer Care 24 / 7 / 365 toll free: 800.360.6516 fax: 877.705.9920 e-mail: info@singlepointconsulting.net

When you call us you will always speak to a person who knows you and knows your business, never an automated attendant.
We May Doze, but We Never Close - 35 Years experience finding the lowest communication prices, guaranteed!

Look How Much We Saved These Customers!

We Have Saved Our Customers
Hundreds of Thousands Of Dollars
And Millions Of Brain Cells

• We Keep You Out Of the   “Meat-Grinder”

You will always speak to a live person when you call us! We may doze, but we never close.

(When you call the other guys you get...Press 1 for English…your estimated hold time is 15 minutes… etc, etc, etc)

• We Work With All the   Carriers on Your Behalf,
  and just to name a few...

Time Warner Telecom
Century Link

Call us or e-mail today for your FREE analysis of your current phone and internet bills and a price comparison with all the leading phone and internet providers. Simply fax or e-mail us the summary pages of a recent bill to see how much you can start saving today!

e-mail us at: info@singlepointconsulting.net or fax to: 877.705.9920

Finally a One-Stop Shop for ALL Your Telecom and Data Needs!

Take it from Dan, "They are a carrier neutral company and deal with the providers, so you don’t have to.  The best part is, you’ll NEVER pay them a fee. When our current contract was up, Singlepoint brought in all the major players. We ended up with a fabulous price for more bandwidth on our fully-meshed MPLS network, and saved $212,189.04 over the course of our three year term. Singlepoint Rocks!"

Mr. Dan Klien, Executive Vice-President and CFO, Kanes Furniture

Take it from Will. "After we met with Singlepoint, we realized we were overpaying for all of our telecom and data services. They put together 4 very competitive quotes from 4 separate CLEC's. Once we made our decision, they not only saved our resort over $75,000.00 but they increased our current band width significantly which had been an on-going issue. Since most of our guests bring their laptops and demand wireless connectivity at a very high speed, Singlepoint was able to fulfill that need. They provided us with a seamless transition, by coordinating every aspect of the cut-over. They also handle all of our customer care needs on a true 24/7/365 basis. We have never spoken to an automated attendant ever! Regardless of the day or time we may call. We always speak with a live person. We here at the Tradewinds are glad to be a customer of Singlepoint, and considering the fact they don't ever charge a penny for any of their services, it's the best telecom and data deal we've ever had! We are so satisfied with all of their services, we just ordered an OC-3 broadband connection and we would never ever consider working with anyone else."

Mr. Will James, CIO, Tradewinds Resort

How do SinglePoint customers save money?

Let us do a FREE analysis of your current telecom and data bills and a free evaluation of your current telecom and data contracts, and we will provide you with a FREE comparison of rates and services available to you from all the most reliable and stable voice and internet providers with a proven track record. There’s no risk to you, no cost to you, and only the opportunity to save money. Click here to send us the summary pages (usually the top 10 pages) with just the totals, and we’ll start processing your FREE analysis today!

Or, we’ll come to your office and personally pick up your bill copies. We can also discuss your concerns, or changes to current telephone and data services, and will normally have the full results back to you in about 1 week. We’ll show you the comparison of savings available from various carriers for the same services you currently have, along with any changes that may have been requested. There are many options for packaging your voice and internet services and there are many pricing structures to choose from. Example: Upgrades due to expansion or downsizing due to economic conditions.

  • We prepare a detailed analysis of current spending and provide options of like telephony services with other voice and data providers.
  • Let us design and implement connectivity between all your locations regardless of where they are. One of our specialties is the implementation of fully meshed MPLS networks to connect all of your locations for both voice & data, securely and economically. We will manage the entire project including engineering design, Visio’s, equipment, maintenance and monitoring.
  • We represent all of the reliable, stable and financially sound, voice, data, and MPLS providers and only offer solutions that fit with your company's current and future telecom and data needs. ALWAYS WITHIN YOUR BUDGET!
    We do this at no cost to you!
  • We provide free back-office support to all current customers as their single point of contact for all service issues, billing issues, service changes, upgrade and contract negotiations, etc. We do all this to keep our customers from using their own resources or sit on hold to even get through to the carrier, as we refer to it as the “meat-grinder”.
  • We can do this with our service staff as we are paid a residual based on paid customer billing by the various voice and data carriers.
  • Unlike similar firms that offer these things, we NEVER charge for our years of experience & expertise. And, we NEVER close.



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Home Phone, Internet, & MPLS Savings Disaster Prevention & Recovery Industry News & Networking Contact Us
Customer Care 24 / 7 / 365 toll free: 800.360.6516 fax: 877.705.9920 e-mail: info@singlepointconsulting.net

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